Silicone Nasal Implants for Nose Augmentation

January 30, 2013: Authored by: Alpha Health Asia Staff

Silicone nasal implants are widely used for surgical nose augmentation or reconstruction, also called rhinoplasty. The silicone nose implant is surgically implanted just over the nasal framework to raise the height of the nasal bridge and add definition to the nasal tip area.

There are many different sizes of silicone nasal implants, the size used for the nose augmentation is determined by the length and width of the patients nose. The are different shapes for nasal implants, the most common shape for silicone nasal implants is the L-shape, with an I-shape nasal implant also available.

The L-shape nasal implant uses the longer segment of the nose implant to cover the nasal bridge area (called the dorsum), the ‘elbow’ or ‘angle’ at the L-shape corresponds with the nasal tip area (the columellar area). The I-shape nasal implant provides coverage for the nasal bridge area with very limited, if any, coverage for the nasal tip area.

Using the L-shaped nasal implant will add height to the nasal bridge and definition to the nasal tip, the I-shaped nasal implant is used to augment the nasal bridge only.

You and your doctor will review the correct shape for your nasal implant based upon the nose augmentation you desire and the area of the nose where you would like to add shape and definition. Once the nasal implant shape is selected, your doctor will determine the size of the nasal implant to use; even though the nasal implant is pre-formed, your surgeon can trim and sculpt the implant during the surgery to customize the implant to the length of the nose bridge.

Nose augmentation with a silicone implant has become a very common procedure, but safety should always be considered. Please always select a well qualified and certified doctor for your nose job. It is vital that the nose implant used is made from medical grade silicone and that the nose implant is available in different sizes and shapes.

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