Facial Implants

Silicone Nasal Implants for Nose Augmentation

Silicone nasal implants are widely used for surgical nose augmentation or reconstruction, also called rhinoplasty. The silicone nose implant is surgically implanted just over the nasal framework to raise the height of the nasal bridge and add definition to the nasal tip area.

There are many different sizes of silicone nasal implants, the size used for the nose augmentation is determined by the length and width of the patients nose. The are different shapes for nasal implants, the most common shape for silicone nasal implants is the L-shape, with an I-shape nasal implant also available.

Facial Implants

Facial implants can be used for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery on a number of areas of the face, primarily the front of the cheek bone, the chin, the jawline and the nose. The implants primary use is to help balance asymmetry of the facial features, to accentuate a feature like the cheekbone, reconstruct a damaged area of the face or add to a weak jaw line. We have a wide range of nasal implants, with the most common use being on the bridge of the nose to correct defects in the bridge of the nose, namely a bump or undesirable symmetry.

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